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Professional Services Regarding Food and Health Regulations El Salvador

Legal consultancy and representation for the application of permits and licenses, regarding food law and health regulations in El Salvador.

Gold Service puts at your disposal our professional services regarding food and health regulations. These services are focused on providing legal consultancy and representation in the Ministry of Health for the application of licenses and permits, such as:

  • Manufacturing, storage, refrigeration, packaging, distribution and the sale of foods and beverages.
  • Raw materials for foods and beverage manufacturing.
  • Operations on the premises, sites and establishments tasked with the manufacturing, storage, refrigeration, packaging, distribution and sale of foods and beverages, in addition to authorizations for additional facilities, and the use of machinery, equipment, tools or other objects employed for the manufacturing processes.
  • Licenses for canneries, markets, supermarkets, fairs, bakeries, fruit stores, diary shops, candy shops, coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias and hotels.
  • Gold Service offers services for the authorization of commercial advertising of foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products, as well as the acquirement of operation permits for pest control companies, drugstores and laboratories.

Our professional fees for the application of permits in the Ministry of Health may vary from USD 350.00 to USD 1,550.00. This fee will depend on the type of establishment, inspections, number of facilities, etc. that restaurants or other businesses will have, among other particular characteristics.
Additionally, there are official fees that must be paid.